Completing the Transition to a Healthier Diet & Lifestyle

Transitioning to a healthy lifestyle and diet is like starting life anew. Food is often at the center of our lives, even if we do not acknowledge it. It is a big, important issue that cannot be ignored.
If you have already been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, take that as an encouragement to become healthier. Simple fatty liver disease is still years away from cirrhosis, and you still have time to change the way you eat and live. The transition period is tough, but not tough enough the following steps that will ensure your success.

The first step is to read this easy to follow, downloadable guide called "The Fatty Liver Solution: A Holistic Approach to a Healthier Liver" You can find it here.

Find Your Own Motivation
Too often people try to motivate themselves using ideas from other people. This works sometimes, but it is better if you can find your own personal motivation for losing weight and eating better. Find this motivation and use it to fuel your desire to succeed.

Establish a Support Network
Losing weight is always easier if you have at least one other person helping you, even if it is just to keep you accountable for your lifestyle and eating decisions. Some people work well with just a diet/exercise buddy. Others need a wider support network, like a diet group or a gym club.
Determine what kind of support network will motivate you more and will keep you more accountable during the transition process and stick to that support network. Never forget to nurture that support network, too. If you do, you will fall off the bandwagon.

Weigh Yourself Wisely
Weighing oneself weekly or twice monthly is highly recommended as it is necessary to see if you are making progress with your weight or not. Try to see trends in your weight, and correlate these trends with how you are eating. Make sure that you measure your waistline, arms, legs, etc.
In addition, take notice of how your clothes feel after a month or two. Do not worry if you seem to have gained two pounds mysteriously, overnight. Your weight in the morning will most likely be different from your weight at night.

Remember The New Food Pyramid
Forget about the classic food pyramid. A large portion of your meals should be comprised of fruits and vegetables. As for three square meals per day, forget about that, too! For faster weight loss and improved metabolism, five to six small meals per day is recommended. However, snacking should be limited to fruits and vegetables. No exceptions on this one.

Make Breakfast Count, Always
The quality of your breakfast will determine your metabolism for the rest of the day. When you don’t get a good breakfast every day, your metabolism is negatively impacted. Over the long term this can add up to the risk factors that will lead to advance liver disease and other metabolic issues.

You can learn more about that here.

TV Time is No Eating Time
Do not watch TV and eat at the same time! It has been scientifically established that people consume more calories when watching TV programs or movies. And yes, the same applies to using the Internet (like watching YouTube). The problem is that people don’t notice how much they are eating when they are watching TV. That’s how people gain weight over long periods of time.

Quit the Sugar Habit Now
Consuming refined sugar is just as bad as drinking alcohol in excessive amounts. It doesn’t help your fatty liver. There are also hundreds of known diseases that are linked to the consumption of sugar, even in small quantities. Consequently, the only way we can safeguard your health against the scourges of refined sugar is by eliminating it completely from your diet.
If perhaps you need something to sweeten your coffee or drinks, try the natural sweetener stevia. Honey is better than sugar, but make sure that it is organic honey and limit your consumption to half or one tablespoon per use only.

Source Protein Intelligently
Stick to organic poultry and fish while you limit the consumption of red meat. You only need one serving of meat per day and the size of the meat should not exceed the size of a deck of cards or three small matchboxes. The fish that you should be consuming should have low levels of heavy metals.
If you want to limit your consumption of fish and meat, tofu and soybean-based products will provide plenty of plant-based protein.

Know Your Super Foods
Nothing is more empowering than knowing what foods you should eat and what benefits you will be getting from consuming them.


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Completing the Transition to a Healthier Diet & Lifestyle